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Atlantis Big Bang

(where size really does matter)

Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
Membership and posting to the community is moderated, and we will be using locked posts for progress check-ins, participant updates, etc. If you will be participating in this challenge as a writer or as an artist, please make sure you join *and* friend this community.

Please do not apply for membership if you are not writing or creating art -- you are welcome to watch, but your membership request will be rejected if you are not an active participant.

Your mod for atlantisbigbang is gblvr. If you have questions or concerns, you can leave a comment here, or you may send a private message. Helper mods are kisahawklin, telesilla and wolfshark -- please be kind to these lovely ladies, as they are who will be helping you to archive your stories, art and mixes.

Important Dates are located here; you can also see a reminder list in the box on the far left on the main page of the community.


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